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Practicing Spiritual Practice Spiritually

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.                                                                  — Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

If one well-known adage states, “practice makes perfect,” then i would suppose that applies to spirituality as well. But then that brings up a question (among many): “Is it possible, as humans, to be perfect?” If so, what does that look like? If not, then why bother? What might i gain from practicing spirituality?

What i’ve come to understand through my experience pondering such questions is that while we will never be perfect (at least not in terms society tends to impose), it is worth it for me to strive towards this ideal, to become the best i can by pursuing my Highest Self. To do otherwise would be to tarnish the golden gift of life by not fulfilling our true, unlimited potential.

Each moment serves as an opportunity to reconnect with the Ultimate/Higher Power/Supreme Being/“God”/and so on, ad infinitim. Whether i choose to commune with Nature, marveling at its organic majesty, to play basketball with friends, becoming absorbed in the competitive game, or to simply share a smile with a stranger, reaffirming his/her presence as well as my own, i am constantly reminded of what it means to be a living, breathing, human being. There are times where i almost seem to remember who i am by seeing a reflection of myself in whomever i happen to be interacting with. i become more aware of our inherent similarities that lie just beneath the surface our perceived differences.

While some may describe their spiritual practice as a particularly intentional activity, thus ascribing said spiritual practice to his/her life, i presently prefer to attribute the phenomena called “life” to contemplative, spiritual practice, or at least to describe the two as one. In the past i have been quite self-conscious, and consequently at times, self-absorbed. However, i now say that i am self-aware, but Others-oriented. And so i make deliberate, conscientious efforts to live accordingly.

A plethora of factors have contributed to my current state of mind/being, but some ‘things’ that have certainly helped me along my path include, but are not limited to: Nature, ancient herbal medicine, conspiracy theories, Eckhart Tolle, having been arrested for remaining silent, Buddhism, community service (as punishment), fasting, Thich Nhat Hanh, eastern Wisdom traditions, yoga, (sitting/walking/mantra) meditation, introspection, observing/researching/learning about some of the historical atrocities of the recorded past, the contemporary struggles of beings (persons, animals, trees/insects/plant life) domestic and especially abroad, and many other negative aspects of the human condition, raw/organic/local food movements, feeling/helping establish a sense of community, volunteering,, minimalism, etc.

As i’ve thought of what i might want to explore next, all things considered, in order to continue developing spiritually, i keep feeling compelled to start a blog. Having noticed within myself the grand impact blogs like ZenHabits and TheMinimalists, just to name a few, have bestowed upon me, inspiring me to change how i live, i would like to “pay it forward” and perhaps do the same for Others. This could conceivably be another momentous experience in my life, and while i have no doubts about the challenges that inevitably wait on the horizon, i deeply feel like the potential benefits – for all involved – will surely overcome the transient adversity, which already makes this next adventure that much greater.