developing higher consciousness

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.          — Maya Angelou

When i created this blog, i had the intention of sharing my life experience and the invaluable lessons i’ve learned along the way so that Others who happen to read it would perhaps, if only for a moment, receive some sort of value from these words on a screen that they may consider and someday apply to their lives. Suffice it to say, other commitments commanded my attention, and this endeavor i once felt enthusiastic about was soon relegated to the wayside, like a shiny new toy sent to the depths of a toy box because it lost its novelty. Then, something wonderful happened: i chose to write this brief post after becoming inspired while perusing another individual’s beautiful blog, where i came upon the quote above by Maya Angelou.

Sharing is one of those fundamental concepts many of us learn at a young age, yet it seems to rely on material, tangible possessions, i.e. share one’s toys, books, living space. How about those who are less fortunate and don’t have many physical things? Does that then mean they have nothing to offer?

It seems to me we all have something to give, to share—our life story. It is not only our knowledge, but also our wisdom, filled with feelings and emotions that convey a personal, nuanced touch to this common experience we call “life.” Who knows what we may learn from and/or offer to the stranger sitting next to us or the people we may never meet in person?

This is one of the many things i intend to apply and practice more in my life because it only adds to the distinct richness that is my physical existence. Let us not be afraid to share what feels most important to us, what feels right at any given moment. And may we all, to the best of our ability, use every opportunity we are blessed with to create something special, something sacred to add to the unique, unfolding story of our lives.

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